Doing our best to bring you a comprehensive list of sites that could trick you into giving up your hard earned cash.

Hello ladies and Gents!,

Welcome to what we hope becomes the most thorough site for those wishing to find out if a website or blog is out there to scam you out of your hard earned (or easily earned) money! We know that lots of time and energy can be spent trying to work out what is a scam and what's not and hopefuly we can stop you from wasting your time and energy on those sites.

Alot of us including myself are having or have had periods of financial difficulty. It's hard, it creates pressure and it can make us desperate. It seems that the web has an endless supply of miracle 'get rich quick' schemes as well as 'fool proof' strategies for making a killing at the online casinos. And then there's love, yes love what we all look for in our lives, right? Well just trying to find it can cost you too and although these don't seem as bad or as un-ethical as the schemes listed above they can entise you in ways that will result in fustration and dare I say heartache.

Well it's hopefully not all doom and gloom on this website! Because, we want to create a community of people, that will ultimately come together on this site, and help eachother out using experiences they may have had. In turn creating a site that can give you and others peice of mind and hopefully stop anyone from making the mistakes that you and I may have made in the past!

Our other aim will be to halt the increasing numbers of the scam sites, Because the way we see it is that the more people are aware of how they work the less people will give in to them and those taking advantage would realise that scamming people just isn't profitable anymore. Heres to our dream!!!

Click on the tabs at the top of the page to see a list and brief description of sites and how they do what they do! Hope you find what your looking for and if not use the 'contact us' page to make us aware of any site(s) you believe should be featured. This site is dedicated to all of you who help us and ultimately help eachother!

Dontgetscammed Team.